1951 Down Place

In 2011, podcasters Casey Criswell, Derek M. Koch, and Scott Morris joined forces to create the 1951 Down Place podcast. Devoted to the movies of the classic Hammer Films catalog, the monthly podcast initially was a place for Casey and Derek (longtime Hammer films) to guide Scott (a relative Hammer newbie) through the incredible films of Hammer. Eventually, Scott became well-versed in these films, and the three friends/co-producers enjoyed discussing the production, the history, and the connections (Disney, James Bond, Doctor Who, and otherwise!) of these movies. The podcast went on an extended hiatus in August 2016, but with the launch of the Monster Kid Radio Network, 1951 Down Place is returning as a quarterly podcast hosted by Derek and Scott.

1951 Down Place can be found here – http://www.1951downplace.com/